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Royal Publishing was started by Royal Duncan in January of 1979, and Royal continues to be the sole owner and President of the company. He began the company producing the programs for five Illinois High School Association Boys' Regional basketball tournaments for the 1978-79 post–season, and followed this by producing motorcycle and auto racing programs in the summer of 1979, then high school fall sports, winter sports, and tournaments.
That cycle has continued until today where we now publish well over 1,500 event programs annually covering high schools, theaters, races, and other community–oriented organizations and events. We also produce schedule posters and seasonal pocket schedules. Not only do we work with individual schools but our clientele also includes numerous state high school associations throughout the United States which allows us the opportunity to provide our program services at the state championship level.
Regular Season Programs

Tournament Programs

If you’re hosting a tournament—call Royal Publishing.

Schedule Posters

Keep your fans in the action. Increase attendance at your games — home or away—with attractive colorful posters produced by Royal Publishing.

Pocket Schedules

Keep your season’s sports schedules at your fans’ fingertips—a quick reference guide for Mom, Dad and the kids for all game times and locations.

Team Keepsake Autograph Posters

Players will feel special as they sign each other’s poster, making memories to last a lifetime. Each varsity team will have their own Keepsake Poster featuring their team photo, roster, and a space for their teammates to sign.

Theatre Playbills

Capture the essence of your team's journey with our Regular Season Program Service, where decades of experience and a commitment to dynamic design come together to create program books that celebrate every milestone of the sporting season.

Race Programs

As a Theater Director you know how valuable the playbills are to your audience. Act by Act, scene by scene - your patrons can follow along throughout your performance.

American Legion Baseball Pocket Schedules

"We have been working with Royal Publishing for many years and have developed a great partnership. It has been easy to work with them to customize our product based on our needs. Their dedication to making our events special for our participants is a high priority. Royal is professional throughout the entire process from set-up to delivery."
Nicole Schaefbauer, Executive Director, Illinois Elementary School Association
"While working at Peoria Players Theatre for over 30 years, I have enjoyed dealing with Royal Publishing during that time, as this company prints our show programs. The team is very easy to work with – positive, capable and professional. We have always had excellent results with our printed materials, and never once have we had any issues. It takes a load off of our staff knowing that our show programs are in good hands and will be taken care of every season. I personally appreciate the individuals who work so hard at providing the theatre and our audiences with a product we can be proud of."
Nicki Haschke, Business Administrator, Peoria Players Theatre
"The OHSAA has had a great partnership with Royal Publishing for many years. Royal has the unique ability to handle information collection, advertising, printing and delivery all within the same shop and, most importantly, meet deadlines. Our postseason tournaments are better thanks to Royal’s quality work."
Tim Stried, OHSAA